From the recording Walk a mile in my pradas

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Just Like My Style © 2013 Jeff Kinney

I sat right behind you in class, the class is awful and
I know we’ve shared a look or two to share this fact
The fact is that I seem to have a feeling or two for you
It might just be the way you wear the clothes that you do

CH Just like my school, Just like my jobs
I’m sittin’ in the back and watchin’ all the ladies pass
Just like my style, Just like my life
This could be the end of watchin’ all the pretty ladies go by
Why, why do I, watch them fly?

By the end of the season I plan to have the right of way
To come on up to you and ask you what you wanna do tonight
I’d rather be taking the chance of goin’ for you
Instead of settling for the simple and the comfort and the rest…


People are so simple
Whenever they need to obtain the things that they want
Call it crazy I don’t want to be called lazy
I would rather spend my time on a new lady than to wait for you

Take the last drink up, take a drink with me
Now you’re coming like you want to
I’ve got you in my sights, oh wouldn’t it be nice
If you feel like I do